ClearCorrect Clear Aligner Therapy

If you are completely opposed to braces or your lifestyle absolutely precludes you from having anything fixed in your mouth or your teeth, then ClearCorrect may be the best option for you.

ClearCorrect is just another brand of clear aligner therapy just like Invisalign. We use a digital scanning method with our CEREC scanner to obtain a digital “model” of your teeth. This is then uploaded to the ClearCorrect site with exact instructions. Once their proposal is approved by us, a series of aligners are then 3D printed and mailed to us.

You are then required to wear each aligner for 3 weeks 24/7 and then switch to the next one, until you go through all of them. You should remove the aligners for eating. Cases may take anywhere between 6 months to 14 months. Their fit is very comfortable and one barely realizes one has them on.


The conditions you have to satisfy in order to qualify for ClearCorrect, are as follows:

  • Your age should not be in the growing phase (under 15 years for girls, under 17 years for boys)
  • If there is moderate to severe crowding, ClearCorrect will not address arch development, therefore may not give you ideal results.
  • If there are teeth that have to be erupted, ClearCorrect is limited in achieving that.

In certain cases with arch constriction and crowding, you could go through a 4-6 month arch development phase with removable appliances, and then switch to ClearCorrect. This would achieve better results.


For more information, go to the ClearCorrect website.